About Our Guild

"The Miracle House," a name coined for Seattle Children's by faithful supporter and storyteller Phil Smart, Sr., was a name given to our guild as recognition of our unique history.

Traditionally, a guild’s core membership is a group of friends, co-workers or neighbors. Our guild was created by the Guild Association in response to a diverse group of people who expressed an interest in guild membership, but who did not have a specific link to an existing guild. Thus The Miracle House Guild was formed in 2000 which brought together a group of strangers from all over greater King and Pierce counties.

Now in our eighteenth year, we are a strong group of friends and one of the top 25 revenue-producing guilds. Our numbers have grown as friends of friends and members of our patient spotlight families have joined the guild. We all share an on-going commitment to supporting Seattle Children's and we are proud of the tradition we have created with our annual “Where Miracles Take Flight” auction.

2019 Guild Officers

  • President - Jessica Devine

  • VP/Membership - Mary Jo Foseid

  • Treasurer - Maureen Moreton

  • Secretary - Nicole Holley

2019 Auction Chairs

  • Procurement - Kristi Kuhl

  • Marketing - Julie Riley

  • Logistics - Amy Wick

  • Finance - Maureen Moreton



19th Annual

'Where Miracles Take Flight'



Saturday, September 21, 2019

Palace Ballroom
2100 5th Ave - Seattle, WA

Doors Open at 6:30 PM

Silent and Live Auctions; Wine and Cocktails
Heavy Hors D'oeuvres
Cocktail Attire



2018 Patient Spotlight - Roarke Hufford

In the words of his mother, Nina Hufford:

On November 9, 2017, after noticing something strange with our 12 year old son's eyes, our family would be given an unimaginable diagnosis. After an emergency MRI at Seattle Children's Hospital, we were told our son Roarke had a mass in the center of his brain. Surgery to biopsy the mass determined he had a malignant germ cell tumor called Pure Germinoma. Germ cells don’t have anything to do with germs. They get their name from the word “germinate,” which means to begin to grow. These cells are reproductive cells containing one set of chromosomes and develop along the baby's midline during the embryonic stage where the stomach and other internal organs will lie and are designed to take home in the reproductive organs. Germ cells travel along the midline to reach the reproductive organs as a fetus grows, but they can sometimes settle in other places like the pelvis, abdomen, tailbone, chest and center of the brain and for an unknown reason, may begin to grow into tumors. The treatment plan meant we would watch our son endure 4 months of chemotherapy and 2 months of radiation to the ventricles of his brain. He would spend his 7th grade year sick in bed, lose his hair, his health and much of his happiness. Roarke's little sisters watched the strong big brother they looked up to become unimaginably sick and our family had to gather together in the horrendous storm that is a life of cancer. Roarke completed treatment in April 2018 and today he is an 8th grader regaining the life he once lost to battling brain cancer. He has no evidence of disease and we owe his life to the Pediatric Neuro-Oncologists at Seattle Children's Hospital. Thank you for hearing our story and supporting this worthy organization with a focus on brain cancer research. 

















To serve as advocates for Seattle Children's through our volunteer, philanthropic and educational endeavors to ensure excellent health care for all children in our region.